Rogers TV’s RegArts, Jewelled Body Parts

RegArts, the Francophone Cultural Magazine of Rogers TV features the Jeweled Body Parts, Talking Portraits and Body Language Series.


In 2007  Rogers TV’s program RegArts featured Tompalski’s Jeweled Body Parts, Talking Portraits and Body Language Series. RegArts is the Francophone Cultural Magazine of the Greater Ottawa Region.

Marlene Hoff, a well known arts advocate in the Capital Region, spoke to the RegArts reporter live at the Red Saloon art show in Ottawa. Marlene was also a subject of a portrait in Tompalski’s Talking Portrait series as shown below.


Marlene sitting for Portrait in Tomaplski’s Ottawa Studio


Marlene’s Portrait by Sherry Tompalski

Psychologist and arts supporter Annick Chenier was also interviewed by Roger TV’s RegArts Francophone Cultural Magazine program about her Talking Portrait recorded by Tompalski and Thompson.


Annicks portraits is shown below:


As well Mathieu  Dion covered Tompalski work on RegArts in 2007. Today he works for Radio Canada as a parliamentary correspondent in Quebec City.


In a second piece by RegArts, covering Tompalski’s Jeweled Body Parts show at La Petite Mort Gallery of Ottawa, Professor, Architect and Artist Honorata Pienkowska describes the formal elements of the Jeweled Body Parts Series.

Tompalski’s definition is as follows: “The Jeweled Body Parts series is an exploration of the power of feminine beauty, objectification and the desire to be a complete person. It is a playful series of bold designs and subliminal images emphasizing the surface…the skin…the interface between inside and outside. Jeweled Body Parts, continue the Body Language Series, which was recently featured in Scientific America’s psychological magazine Mente & Cerebro of Sao Paulo Brazil. My style is best described as psychological realism as I try to capture psychological experience in paint on canvas. As a psychiatrist, I have spent many years trying to help people understand their inner life, and in a sense my paintings are that inner life made visible.”