Hrvatski Filmski Savez, Zagreb Crotia

North-South-East-West at Hrvatski Filmski Savez Cinema Tuskanac, Zagreb Crotia, 2005.


North-South-East-West the video was exhibited at the Hrvatski Filmski Savez, Cinema Tuskanac, Zagreb Crotia in a retrospective of Aboriginal filmmakers entitled Aboriginal Kaleidoscope III in October 2005. Aboriginal Kaleidoscope series was organized over a period of seven years by Zoran Dragelj and Nenad Mersnik.


Zoran Dragelj (June 30, 1975, Split, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia) is an award winning independent videographer from Vancouver, British Columbia. A graduate from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (ECIAD),  Zoran’s  works include When You Get Old, Fast,  and Moving Plates.  ZeD TV (CBC) aired Moving Plates in 2004 and Fast in January 2006. In 1998, Zoran created Aboriginal Kaleidoscope, a First Nations Film and Video Retrospective, which showed at several international film and video festivals.


Croatian Film Clubs’ Association was founded in 1963 as the Croatian Cinema Association and operates as part of the Croatian Technical Culture, and since 1992 a member of the international organization of non (UNICA).


Croatian Film Association coordinates and supports the work of clubs and associations, supports the film and Video Production, collects and processes the collection of film and video works, issued by film magazines and books about the film, co-organizes courses and workshops for children and adults and the School of Media Culture, encourages and provides professional assistance the realization of media education (especially in primary and secondary schools), organized by the state shows and festivals of amateur film (Review of Croatian film making children, youth Film Festival and Four River Film Festival, Review of Croatian film making and Croatia show one-minute film) and distributed and shows film classics program (within the Tuškanac cinema).

Croatian Film Association has since 1974 own film and video archive in which he stored 580 movie titles and 3,000 video works created in the period from 1928 to 1998.

Since 2000, the Alliance also acts as a producer of professional films, focusing on short experimental and documentary. Independently or in cooperation with other producers, have realized more than ninety films, many of which were shown and awarded at home and abroad. In the Days of Croatian Film 2002 Croatian Film Association was declared the best Croatian producer of short films in the past year. The film Letter to My Father by Damir Čučić produced by the Croatian Film Association is the absolute winner of the Film Festival in Pula in 2012 with a haul of five Golden Arenas including the Arena for the best film.