Artist Magazine of Taiwan, NSEW

Artist Magazine of Taiwan reviews North-South-East-West, December 2005.


Digital media professor Walis Diing-Wuu Wu of the Chung Yuan Christian University of Chung Li District Taoyuan City reviewed the North-South-East-West Installation in the Artist Magazine of Taiwan in December 2005.


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Ever since the first issue was published in 1975, Artist Magazine has been instrumental in disseminating discourse on art in Taiwan. A two-way arrow appears between (Yi shu jia) Artist Magaine and (Taiwan mei shu) Taiwan Art connotes interaction.


Professor Walis Labai (Diing-Wuu Wu)

Professor Walis Labai (Diing-Wuu Wu) whose academic specialties include Digital Culture Studies, Media Art Creation, Communication Design,  Indigenous Culture and Arts,  Fashion Design, and Digital Media Design. Walis Labai is presently the Chairman of the Chung Yuan University, College of Design.


The Department of Commercial Design

The Department of Commercial Design at Chung Yuan Christian University was founded in 1984, as an academic unit under the College of Business. In 1992, the university established the College of Design which was the first of its kind in the nation. The college now consists of Departments of Commercial Design, Architecture, and Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture. In 1999, the Department began to offer Master Degree Programs, including a Master Degree Program for Working Professionals. The curriculum comprises of four core areas: design, humanities, technology and marketing. The objective of both undergraduate and master degree programs is to nurture students becoming strategic thinking and problem-solving design professionals.